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Aj Bailey

AJ Bailey is a porn actress from America. She has a Masters degree from St Andrews University in the Studies of Anthropology and Museum. She is an actress who got a break into the adult movie industry when she was in her teens. Instead, she is the actress who made her debut when she was 26 years old. It was in 2006 that she made her debut.

Even though she has not disclosed her sexuality, she often stars only in lesbian and solo movies (I think she will be very good in a tape with Kim Kardashian). When it comes to the lesbian genre, she has starred alongside stars like Angela Stone, Sammie Rhodes, Andie Valentino and Eva Angelina. She chose to go back in this career when she found out the slumping economy and found out that there is nothing else she can do to survive . She said that she chose this career since she is hot, young and resourceful and nothing can stop her this time.

She said that she would have like to meet Bill Clinton, Elvis and Marie Antoinette, and that she will not mind if any of them ask her out. She did take a two year absence from adult movie making a few years ago in order to concentrate on her studies. According to her, the two men she likes the most in the adult business are Billy Glide and Danny Mountain.

Going back to her studies, she said that she likes the theory of multi regional and the one of out of Africa, which talks about how modern people come to be even if she thinks that more researches should be done in this case. The sumptuous body along with the 34D breasts provide a perfect answer for all those searching for the ultimate figure.

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